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Welcome to Intique Projects

Where your vision meets
our expertise to create the perfect space for you

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We are here to redefine living spaces,
making them uniquely yours.

Innovating Homes, Enriching Lives

We are a team of Brisbane-based dedicated builders and designers with a passion for transforming houses into homes.

Specialising in bespoke bathroom and kitchen renovations, as well as home extensions, we bring dreams to life by redefining living spaces to uniquely suit the needs of our clients.

Our comprehensive services extend from initial design consultation to the final touches of construction, managing every detail including plans, colour selections, building approvals, and the entire construction process.

We stand by our work long after completion, offering after-sales warranty and maintenance, ensuring your peace of mind. Sustainability is at the core of our operations.

We prioritise the reduction of crystalline silica in our materials and promote the use of high-efficiency fittings, appliances, and thermal insulation to enhance energy efficiency.

Our commitment to the environment is matched by our dedication to the community, demonstrated through local sponsorships and support for initiatives like Red Frogs and local sports teams.

Our approach to client engagement is founded on these three principles: care, clarity, and calibre. We listen intently to your vision, ensuring a seamless and transparent journey from conception to completion, all
while delivering uncompromising quality that exceeds expectations.

Looking towards the future, our team is committed to enhancing the spaces we transform as well as contributing positively to the world around us. We aim to empower those in need, giving more than we take, and continuing to set new standards in the renovation industry.

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Want to join our team?

Explore partnership opportunities or express your interest in joining us! We're always eager to connect with talented individuals who share our passion and values. Reach out today to start the conversation.

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Looking For Sponsorship?

Are you seeking sponsorship for sports events, charitable endeavors, or community initiatives? We're committed to supporting meaningful projects that align with our values and mission. Reach out to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities and how we can collaborate to make a positive impact together.

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