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Revamp Your Space: 2023 Benchtop Material Guide for Every Style!

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Is your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry crying out for a makeover? Well, fear not! The perfect solution might be right under your nose, or more accurately, right under your coffee mug. Enter, the humble yet heroic benchtop. Yes, this unassuming workhorse does more than just bear the burden of your culinary conquests or laundry loads; it sets the aesthetic tone for the room. So let's delve into the diverse world of benchtop materials - 2023 edition.

Quartz (Engineered Stone): The 'Rock' Star

Quartz, the Leonardo DiCaprio of benchtop materials, takes centre stage in any kitchen or bathroom. With dashing looks and award-winning performance, it's no wonder it's a favourite. And when it comes to Quartz, Stone Ambassador and Caesarstoneare like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino - they're the go-to choice for delivering top-quality, show-stopping materials. Known for their hardiness against scratches, stains, and heat, their quartz has a range of colours and patterns that would make even a seasoned designer swoon. Like Leo's repertoire, they're high-end, so they might not suit every budget. But for those who fancy the quartz equivalent of a DiCaprio film, they're the ticket to a seamless, stylish look.

Granite: Naturally Gorgeous

If you're a fan of natural beauty (and who isn't?), granite is your leading lady. Sourced from trusted suppliers like CDK, its one-of-a-kind patterns are like Earth's own masterpieces. This stone is hotter than a summer BBQ but handles the heat like a true professional. Give it a bit of TLC with some sealing from time to time and this granite diva will keep your space looking chic and stylish for years to come. Other types of natural stone include Marble, Limestone, and Travertine. 

Laminate: The Chameleon of the Kitchen

Laminate has been a faithful old friend for many homeowners over the years. If you're looking to give your spaces a facelift without breaking the bank, Laminex and Polytec are the laminate lifesavers that come to the rescue. Their ability to mimic other materials is so uncanny, you might do a double take. But bear in mind, while they are masters of disguise, they don't quite have the heat, moisture and scratch resistance of their more robust peers. Still, their laminate brings a wealth of style to the table without emptying your wallet.

Solid Surface: A Seamless Dream

Ever dreamed of a benchtop with no seams, no stains, and no bacteria? Solid surface materials like Corian are here to make your dreams come true. If this material had a middle name, it'd be 'versatility.' It can be as plain or as flashy as you'd like. The only hiccup is that despite its name, solid surface benchtops don't quite like getting too hot under the collar, and the costs can add up for custom designs.

Timber: A Classic Comeback

Just like bell-bottom jeans and vinyl records, timber benchtops are making a stylish comeback. They bring a warmth and charm that's hard to replicate. Think of timber as the George Clooney of benchtops - seasoned, sophisticated, and gets better with age. But remember, even Clooney needs a touch-up now and then. Regular sealing will keep your timber benchtop looking timeless.

Porcelain: The New Kid on the Block

Lastly, meet the new kid on the block - porcelain, or more precisely, Vasari's porcelain. This newcomer is gaining popularity faster than a viral TikTok dance, with its slim profiles and resistance to heat, stains, and UV rays. But just like that dance, its installation requires a bit of professional coordination. And the price? It might make you say 'whoa!' But hey, quality has its tag, and Vasari's porcelain is definitely all about quality.

In conclusion, whether you're drawn to the star power of quartz, the natural elegance of granite, the versatility of laminate, the seamlessness of solid surfaces, the charm of timber, or the novelty of porcelain, there's a benchtop material out there that's just right for your renovation project. So take a leap, make your choice, and let your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry reflect your unique style in 2023!


Looking for Personalized Advice on Benchtop Materials?

Choosing the right benchtop can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but with the wide variety of materials available in the market as outlined above, you're already well on your way to making an informed decision. Each material holds unique characteristics, aesthetics, and functionality that can significantly contribute to the overall look and feel of your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

If you need further guidance on selecting the perfect benchtop material to meet your needs, design preferences, and budget, we are here to assist. We invite you to book a complimentary 15-minute consultation call with our seasoned design consultants. They are excited to help you navigate through our extensive array of benchtop options and answer any queries that may arise.

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